Bringing Elite Sports Programming To Everyone


Start Training Like A Professional Athlete

We bring data driven, elite level strength & conditioning programming, to recreational athletes.

We've been providing elite level strength & conditioning to both professional, and semi professional athletes across the UK for the last 10 years. Working with athletes funded by UK Sport & Sport England. As well as over 10 professional & semi pro sports teams.

We're now bringing a elite level of programming to the amateur sports market. We believe that every athlete, amateur or professional are entitled to an elite level of coaching. It's our mission to make this a reality.


So How Does It Work


Individualised Programming

Data Based Programming Built For You 

This is the perfect fit for any athlete looking to take control of their performance. Starting with a free consultation call. We help map out the pathway for you to get the athletic level you desire. When then take you through a short health questionnaire & a short testing period. We then build a data driven program designed specifically around your strengths & weaknesses. With a clear timeline in place for you to get to your goals.

What You Get:

  • Data Driven Personalised Programming

  • Bi Weekly Zoom Calls With Your Coach 

  • Full Access To Your Own Personal Performance Dashboard

  • Monthly Video Analysis Of Your Training 

Client Testimonials

Athletes Built By Data

I work a rotating shift for my job, so trying to find programming that could accomodate my schedule was near on impossible. So when i found The Movement Coach, It was literally the answer for me to continue my rugby journey, while fitting them into my crazy schedule. You can tell that this team loves what they do and they put a lot of work into it.

Johnnie Moore

The best quality programming ever! so much thought goes into each and every workout. You always feel like you've worked your butt off, no matter how long or short the daily workout has been. I truly couldn't ask for a better online coaching experience. The coaches are incredibly dedicated, motivating & generous with there time.

Paula Carey

Ryan & the Movement Coach team managed all of our sports performance, and S&C needs for the 2018/2019 & 2019/2020 seasons. They really do bring a level of knowledge and experience that you don't come by very often in the semi professional sports world. During the time we worked with Ryan, we opened our Rugby Academy. I Believe we would not have seen the on field success we've seen without their input. Their ability to put detailed information across to large playing groups, is second to none.


The Movement Coach have been providing us with sports performance analysis & game analysis for the past two years. The level of detail they are able to bring in their analysis of the playing group, is one of the main reasons for our recent success. They provide detailed reporting on over 150 players, and they provide it in a way that makes it very simply for us as coaches to digest and make decisions off the back of.

London Blitz American Football Club


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